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Flip, the founder of Flipp In America has been investing, making money and teaching his investors how to flip homes throughout Arizona. His investors have come from Arizona, California, Indiana, Illinois, New York, Canada, England, and other areas throughout the world. He has been instrumental in buying, selling, lending, rehabbing, and managing millions of dollars in real estate. Providing homes for many families in Arizona.

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Financial Freedom

If you're reading this, you have probably realized that punching the clock everyday isn't exactly liberating. Real estate investing is allowing people all over the world to quit their jobs, spend more time with loved ones, and travel the world.


There's no point in taking advice from an inexperienced person. Flippin America has some of the top real estate investors in the Western U.S. and we are here to help you lift your real estate business off the ground.


Everyone wants to be rich, but nobody wants to be held accountable. Problem is, you can't get away with both. If you aren't really being pushed to finish every battle, you will inevitably give up. The Flippin America team will be constantly holding students accountable by holding regular challenges for students to compete and grow.


Everyone needs a mentor when starting something new. In that regard, real estate is no different. It is essential to have someone who has faced all of the difficulties of real estate investing to coach and guide you through your deals. There is no better way to kick off your business than with the guidance of a mentor.

Webinar with Steve Trang!

Webinar with Steve Trang!

Hear how Steve built his real estate systems, how he helps others with real estate investing, and what he is doing to adapt his business during the pandemic. Flipp Arizona brings together resources that will benefit you in your flipping endeavors. Each month, Flipp Arizona hosts a new guest speaker and resource partner who will […]

How to Join a Webinar

How to Join a Webinar

If you’re reading this, you are probably interested in participating in one of Flippin America’s public webinars! Follow the steps below and you should have no problem joining. Attention: Flippin America does not intend to sell you anything in our webinars – we simply want you to consume the information and apply it in your […]

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a Meeting

By clicking the button below, you can schedule a personal, Zoom meeting with Flip to discuss your goals in real estate investing. Schedule Now! As a seasoned real estate investor, Philip has been through many ups and downs. He has made mistakes and learned from them. His experience is now the biggest key to his […]

Some words about us

Flip has demonstrated success throughout the years on his own journey doing over 1000 flips over the years and wants to share with you his lessons, wins, and losses. EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING. Wherever the student is at, Philip has the experience to guide them through their next struggle.


It is Flippin America's mission to educate and coach the local real estate investing community. Real Estate is one of the most important elements of the global economy; therefore, we believe that it is one of the essential topics to be educated on in our society.

  • Provide foundational knowledge
  • Coach students through the trials
  • Watch and learn from their growth

20 Years of Experience

It may seem obvious by now, but experience is everything!!! At the end of the day, there is only one way to truly improve and grow as a business - and that happens through experience. All organizations and people benefit from experience.